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12 Week Rising Sign Method™ Immersive

The Rising Sign Method™ Immersive

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Session Dates: January 1st - March 24th

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Bridging Minds, Moods, Neurons & Nature

The Accessible Astrology Approach

Accessible Astrology is an innovative approach to astrology that seeks to establish connections between astrology, psychology, nature and neurology. By exploring the intersections of these fields, Accessible Astrology aims to provide a deeper understanding of the psychological and neurological underpinnings of astrological concepts and their potential impacts on individuals.

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12 Week Rising Sign Method™ Immersive

In a world filled with uncertainty and constant change, many of us find ourselves at a crossroads, feeling lost, isolated, and lacking direction. 

Struggling to define our purpose, we seek guidance through the maze of life’s complexities. With a hunger for new perspectives and a yearning for radical change, we embody a quest for understanding and empowerment. 

In a world that seeks to divide, we seek community, mentors, and support to navigate these turbulent times, craving wisdom to illuminate our path of self-discovery so that we can serve ourselves and the world.

Join us in navigating life’s crossroads together, empowering our journey toward self-discovery and embracing the power of finding our purpose.


Based on your Rising Sign you have a distinctive life path...

Discover Your Unique Path using the Breakthrough Rising Sign Method™

The Rising Sign Method™

The Rising Sign Method™ comes from a culmination of 15+ years of research, encompassing the study of hundreds of thousands of astrology charts, extensive client work, and teaching tens of thousands of students. This dedication and expertise have led to significant discoveries within the field of both astrology and psychology.

Through research and study, Eugenia Krok, MA has discovered twelve unique stories associated with an individual’s rising sign. These stories provide valuable insights into various aspects of life, including upbringing, environmental influences, relationship patterns, career outcomes, and overall life approach based on the 12 houses. Understanding these stories allows individuals to gain a sense of clarity and purpose, freeing them from the struggle of trying to navigate life blindly.

The Rising Sign Method™ Immersive offers individuals the opportunity to live in alignment with their unique astrological chart, nurturing themselves appropriately and fostering personal growth. By recognizing and meeting their unique needs, individuals can thrive and lead more fulfilling lives.

Moreover, the support you receive within our groups is not just significant but truly profound. Connecting with individuals who share your rising sign reveals that you’re not alone. You’ll find kindred spirits who share similar life stories, paths, struggles, and challenges, fostering a sense of deep connection and understanding.

Eugenia’s commitment to sharing the transformative power of the Rising Sign Method™ is unwavering. Through her work, she empowers individuals to embrace their astrological charts, fosters a deeper understanding of the profound connections between astrology, psychology, and neurology, and paves the way for continued advancements in these fields.

With Husband & fellow astrologer Tareck Adeeb.

The Pioneer of this Innovative Approach to Astrology

Eugenia Krok, MA

Eugenia Krok, MA, is the owner, creator and founder of Accessible Astrology & The Rising Sign Method™. With a Masters Degree in Art Psychotherapy and Counseling, Eugenia brings a deep understanding of the human psyche and sociology to her astrological work, combining her expertise in astrology with a solid foundation in psychology.

Utilizing her 15+ years background in psychotherapy, Eugenia incorporates principles of therapy, counseling and psychology into her Astrology Readings and The Rising Sign Method™. Drawing from her years of client work, she integrates psychological insights to provide a holistic approach to astrology. This unique blend of astrology and psychology enables individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their life journeys.

Eugenia’s scientific mindset, honed through her studies and research, allows her to approach astrology with rigor and precision, eliminating interpretation and the woo of astrology. She values evidence-based practices and seeks to bridge the gap between astrology and scientific disciplines. Her commitment to integrating astrology into psychology and neurology further demonstrates her dedication to advancing these fields.

Through her extensive experience and multidisciplinary approach, Eugenia has developed The Rising Sign Method™, offering individuals a transformative path to self-discovery and personal growth. By combining astrology, psychology, and a scientific mindset, Eugenia empowers individuals to embrace their unique charts, nurturing themselves in a way that aligns with their inner needs and aspirations.

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What You Get

12 week Rising Sign Method™ Immersive

Weekly educational video releases

Every week get at least 2 new educational videos with in-depth information on each house in astrology and how each house works with your Astrology Chart based on your Rising Sign.

Comprehensive personal chart analysis

Discussions specific to your chart and your rising sign.

Personalized daily support on our private & secure app

Exclusive Access to the Accessible Astrology App. Connect with Eugenia & fellow groups members through our secure and privately owned & operated App.

8 Live meetings

Meet in groups of individuals who share your Risings Sign, Your Rising Modality & Your Rising Element

Live monthly outlooks with a focus on Rising Signs

Attend live monthly outlook where Eugenia discusses the astrology of the month ahead, with a focus how this effects each Rising Sign.

The impact of our work

The Rising Sign Method™ Immersive Enrollment Is Now Open.


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Enrollment NOW Open

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A Breakthrough Approach to Astrology

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