Eugenia Krok, MA

Eugenia Krok holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Psychotherapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. As a practicing astrologer of 10 years, Eugenia has now served thousands of grateful clients


Rooted in research + science, Eugenia's background + studies allow her to describe Astrology in understandable terms to anyone and she does on her weekly Podcast: Accessible Astrology. Inspired to create change + awarness, Eugenia speaks domestically + internationally about the potential of merging astrology with the modern day health care approach. 


Eugenia conducts her work from multiple locations serving individuals and groups in person + online.  Through her education and experiences, Eugenia utilizes her training in Psychotherapy with her enthusiasm for Astrology, to bridge access into self-understanding and self-acceptance.

From Eugenia...

Did you know, I worked in politics? I was the president of a political organization, helped run campaigns + was considered for a position in the House of Representatives. I also studied political science, and prepared for my LSAT exam, for a Doctorate Degree in Law.


Knee deep into this path, I realized something...


Attempting to create change with anger + hatred is literally pointless. Dividing humans into camps of left vs right, black vs white, she vs he, is an intolerable political strategy, rife with tones of danger. Realizing this at age 24, I abandoned the ship of politics, and chose to pursue the path of the counselor.


The position of sitting one-on-one with another HUMAN, regardless of background, ethnicity, sexuality, political belief, religious ideology... I knew, would be the greatest path to serve humanity. So far, so good! I choose the right path. I have liberal clients, conservative clients, and clients from every single walk of life from all corners of the world, with endless backgrounds, beliefs and stories.


Sitting with thousands of clients/students in this capacity over the past decade, it is CLEAR, everyone + everything is as it should be. What is OFF, is the lack of emotional integrity + personal responsibility + skewed perceptions of reality, propagated by political strategy. What is true, is not that we are victims of our environment, but that we are masters of our own reality. We master our own reality, when we master our personal perceptions. E.g. Tragedy IS the ultimate source of liberation. Therefore tragedy in it of itself is not altogether negative. EVERYONE has felt pain, felt disenfranchised, felt cheated, felt anger, felt abused in some capacity.


It is when we know our astrology chart and therefore know ourselves, that we realize God/Goddess is Good. With every destruction comes creation. With every creation comes destruction. Every event and person has value. . As an Astrologer, I have a DEEP faith in knowing, there is always hope, there is ALWAYS gratitude + there is ALWAYS LOVE! I choose the perception of Love + Gratitude. Not the perception of hatred and victimhood. Astrology has taught me this.


Have you had your chart read? If not, seriously, what are you waiting for?


MA, Counseling and Art Psychotherapy

Southwestern College

BSW, Social Work

Colorado State University

Certified Grief Therapist

Southwestern College


Astrologer + Founder Accessible Astrology

2009 - Present



Astronomy Teacher


Psychology + Fine/Studio Art

Metropolitan State University

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