2020 Toolbox

Month by Month Astrological Video+Audio+Written Outlook - exploring the natural energy (transits) of the astrology of each month from

Dec 2019 -Dec 2020.

-Over an 4 Hours of Video + Audio walking you through the years astrology

-PDF with month by month astrology significant dates + explanations

Monthly Guided Meditation - empower yourself to work with the natural energy of each month of the year, so that you can live conscious, abundant and free.

-15-30min Audio Meditation each Month

Monthly Book Recommendations - recommenced reading for the month that will offer more guidance on your path!

Monthly Journal Exercises -

unique to each month, a great way to track your journey and transformation.

-PDF with monthly journal prompts


SALE - $67.50

2020 Toolbox + 4 Questions

Receive EVERYTHING from the 2020 Toolbox

Ask Eugenia 4 Questions

Do you have a specific question? Ask Eugenia via email + get personal support throughout the year! Eugenia will send you back a 15min long Audio + Video response showing you your detailed chart, describing her thoughts based on your natal, progressed, profected + transit charts.

-Response will follow in 2-5 business days

*limited to 20 individuals

(12 left)


SALE - $292.50

2020 Toolbox + Personal Outlook

Receive EVERYTHING from the 2020 Toolbox

Monthly Personal Outlook w Mantra -

Eugenia will look at your personal astrology month by month to show you how to embrace your life's experience by way of your personal astrology.

-Over an Hour of  Video + Audio of Eugenia showing you your personal shifts by Transit, Progression, Profection and Solar Return!

-Monthly Personal Mantra

 *limited to 10 individuals


What Clients Are Saying About Monthly Outlooks

Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT 😳 No. Wait. That doesn’t accurately convey the full breadth of my reaction to how eerily accurate you were in describing my life over the last 18mos to the present moment. Let me me restate that: HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.  I cannot wait until our next in person reading! xoxo



Wholly shit Eugenia! I feel like you were spot on with so many thoughts that have been in my head. Thank you for all of the specific areas to be thinking about. So many of them have been ones discussed with my therapist in the past but now I have a notebook full of them written down in one place. 



You beautiful woman, that was fantastic! I cried with joy (full on ugly crying 😭) for my sun progressing into Leo. I have been feeling the weight of that role being lifted in the past month... the weight of being the caregiver, mother, selfless... all of it. It’s a very heavy weight. I am looking forward to putting myself first, saying what I want and need, having a louder voice! 🐯 rawr! I fucking needed this little virtual sesh, thank you!


Thank you Eugenia for this (and every) lovely mini-reading!  You made me cry this time with your acknowlegement of all the changes in  my life - it's been rough, but very rewarding!



I've started to listen to these at different times during the month to see how I like incorporating them into my mindfulness practices, and how to balance out the astroneurosis that can overtake me :P Today I re-listened to make some notes about how all it's all playing out and... damn girl... 




I just wanted to say Thank You again. These little readings have been truly educational and reassuring and motivational.... Just perfect :) I would've had a more challenging time last month if you hadn't given me the message to just rest, relax, integrate, and have fun. Which is part of why I went back to visit Pachamama in ceremony over Memorial Day. 


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